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Writing improvement

The photos below illustrate handwriting progress and supporting activities. Click on the image to enlarge.

Client References

"You deserve all the positive feedback in the world! School was impressed and SENCO asked if okay to pass your details.  We really do not mind the trip, J is better with face to face and if it helps I will travel the world!  J went straight into her tests after your session and have pretty much been spending time between work and revision.    The good news is that she got extra time, used it, and so far generated some fab results with an 85% score on Biology and 70% on Maths. Well worth it!  ...to say how lovely it was to meet you, and how helpful you have been in the process so far." Mum and Dad travelling to clinic from Ashford.  Feb 2018.


" You came to see us last August / September for A's handwriting. However, it turned out much more than that and you gave us lots of invaluable tips and insights for ourselves and A's re: coping with her frustration, anger and anxiety as well as her handwriting.


As a result of talking with you we had an Educational Psychologist assessment which diagnosed working memory, dyslexia and mild signs of ADHD.


I cannot thank you enough for the sessions we had with you.  You gave me the confirmation that I didn't just have a difficult daughter and there was more to it than that, which we had always thought but the school disagreed with.  I could be so much more patient with A once I had more understanding of what she was feeling.  I knew what to research and where to look for help.  


You gave A time, understanding and the belief that she was capable as well as practical tips for day to day use.  She remembers you fondly and often asks for more sessions!


I just wanted to say thank you as you were the first stepping stone on a journey that will hopefully put A in a better place and that your affirmation that there was something more to her behaviour gave us such strength to find help for her.  Many, many thanks for the wonderful work you do."  Guildford parent 2018.


" We were just talking about you and I thought I would e-mail you to let you know how O is getting on.  His handwriting is just fab nowdays. He got a "table point" ( bit like a house point) at school for good handwriting yesterday. I must admit we haven't been too good on keeping up the practise but he seems to have found his style and is naturally writing in a clear way.  I was looking at the children's work on the wall at school and he is about average or a bit better than average from being quite behind before. We are convinced that he would not be at this stage without your help. " Guildford parent 2017.


" Thank you for today. J goes to after school club as as soon as we picked him up at 5.30, he wanted to know where his folder was. He demonstrated the magic paper, showed us the different pens, expertly demonstrated how to warm up your hands - he was full of the things he had learnt and remembered so much information.  We were impressed. When his brother got cross he explained how to hug himself so he would feel better.  J wants to know if he can see you every day. There is no better recommendation than that. Thank you for seeing him. We will put these strategies in place and let you know how J is progressing." St Edmunds 2018


" W's teacher was astounded by the amount of writing and neatness. She told the school at assembly he is now writing like an 8 year old.  The work is going to be displayed on the head teacher's "wow" board with an example of his writing at the start of Year 3.  He had to show the head teacher who gave him a Head Teacher's Award - we are so proud.  Interestingly, he did this writing after he had been playing football for 45minutes.  I was in tears at the assembly as you can imagine."  Parent to child with significant visual difficulties Effingham. May 2017.


" Thank you very much for your report, very impressive! so comprehensive!   After Easter break, as we were away, we are continuing with all the exercises.  We have noticed that C is now rarely making animal like noises but instead does his own version of Puffer Fish ( from 7 Whole Class Strategies for self regulation). It reminds me more of blowing raspberries when he was a baby and I think is more socially acceptable, either way, THANK YOU!"  Mum from Bookham. April 2017.


" Thank you so much Michelle. It was a great session I think L is totally enthused - and practising well this weekend! Loved the way you explained things to us and it all made so much sense.  I feel very positive that we have a strong way foward." Family from Pyford. Jan 2018.


" A huge thank you for last night. It was briliant! It's wonderful to work with someone so professional and inspiring." After parents' evening workshop on self regulation in a special needs centre in Godalming.  Teacher November 2017.


" I am really grateful for your mail and wish to thank you very much for the incredible work you have done with E!  Everything is so accurate and rich in detail, it's really a wonderful session and I really hope that E will keep in mind and follow your advice."  parent 17 year old at TASIS. ( The American School in England). October 2017.


" It always a pleasure to have you come to QE - we learn so much from your visits. Emily and I are really keen to get all the children( and staff) using the techniques you shared with us. "   SENCO at local Guildford C of E Primary School. September 2017.


" I attach a picture of N English Test work. How AMAZING is her writing! We are delighted. Thank you!!!"  Parent of student St Catherines Bramely. June 2017.


" I have to say I have noticed a change in Y, he seems to have a bit more confidence and is more receptive to doing extra work at home, so thank you for helping contribute to the change in attitude. Pupil is looking forward to the next session. I am so happy with the progress he is making."


" B was so happy yesterday when she got her pen license. My sincere thanks for helping her, she is brimming with confidence thanks to you!"


” We were very impressed with Michelle’s professional, organised and thorough approach in assessing our son’s writing difficulties. Her gentle nature and engaging approach helped to gain our son’s attention immediately. Afterwards, Michelle took extra time to discuss her findings and helpful recommendations. This was quickly followed up by a detailed report that we could send to our son’s school to assist us in getting the additional support he needed. Time and money well spent”


" Pupil handwriting has come on leaps and bounds thanks to your expertise. We're very greatful for all your help."


" Michelle you have helped me so much with both my sons, I feel I should have you on speed dial"


" We would like just to say how grateful we are with the help you have given us with R over the last few months. Your initial assessment and report was very insightful and has been a great help to us at home as well as for R's teachers at school. R looked forward to each session with you and the detailed feedback you gave us and his teachers after each session was invaluable in helping us understand a bit more about R's difficulties in giving us strategies to work with."

Thank you letter

Before and after five sessions

Progress over one year