Occupational Therapist Handwriting Tutor

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Based in Surrey


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I offer several options which can be requested or combined:


1. BUMPER Assessment and Tutoring session:  approximately 2 hours.

  • Standardised assessments based on UK norms.

  • Parent education: anatomy and development of grip and writing relating to current national curriculum.

  • Tutoring and advice ( strategies) regarding current difficulties with the therapeutic use of meaningful and fun activities.

  • Client Information Folder containing supporting documentation.

  • Full Report with photographs regarding assessment results, summary of advice given in session and full intervention plan.

  • Email and telephone liaison with school if required.

  • Includes all materials with exception of chalkboard and tools in £10 range and over.


2. Tutoring Package:  

  • A package consists of 5 sessions - duration 1hr - once per week / fortnight.

  • Additional single or multiple sessions can be added - allow 90 minutes for the 1st session.

  • Unique programme to establish healthy writing habits tailored to your child's needs.  

  • Aims to build confidence and power to monitor own handwriting progress.


3. Review Appointments:  

  • Reassessments and update of therapy goals and  practical advice for child, parents and teachers.


4. Access to Education:  

  • OT standardised school assessments in classroom context followed by full report with practical recommendations.


5. Inset Training:

  • Duration 1 x 3 hr or more workshop or 2 x 2hr workshops design to practically support teachers with strategies for handwriting and education access.


                                                                                        Terms and Conditions available on request.

Working on handwriting is best done in short spurts - so a little at a time but often ( daily 10-15 minutes at least).  Tutoring is only beneficial if your child is supported and continues working on the days I do not see them.  The journey is sometimes a long one however my therapy services provide a child with a foundation of self belief and control of their own handwriting in a fun way.!


I provide my session/s during school hours at school or in your home on weekdays as well as Saturdays.


Saturday appointments are premium days so you may have to wait several weeks before your child can be seen.  I do advocate in school hours in the contextual environment of school.  This has the  benefit of direct school liaison benefitting your school with an additional resource as I am available to teachers face to face.

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